Dns not updating from dhcp

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If you're having a problem with your internal DNS server that's then making you use the router for DHCP and DNS then the fix is to resolve the problem with the DNS server.When you say "DNS on the server doesn't seem to get updated with the latest IP number" can you explain what you mean and what the symptomes of the problem are? This is on the same subnet but a different IP range. Now the problem comes when I also enable DHCP on the router so that clients can get an Internet connection when the Server is down. DHCP installed on a Virtual 2008 R2 domain controller.I used to have two old 2003 servers defined in the DNS Scope Options, these were "Primary - .12" and "Secondary - .11." I need to demote and remove DNS from the 12 and 11 server, so I changed the scope options for DNS to point to my two new 2008 Domain Controllers last week instead. I added the new IP addresses, and removed the old ones.Microsft Server 2003 DHCP Server Microsoft Server 2003 DNS Server Most of the time the DHCP server assigns an Address and then updates the associated DNS entry. When I check the DHCP server, I see the icons to the left of the entry with a pen over the computer.When I see that, that piticular entry does not show up in DNS, or has not been updated. I know the settings are right cause most of the time it works fine.

As Shane stated in his comment, in order for the DHCP clients to update their A records in your internal DNS server they need to be configured to use that DNS server.But more importantly, if DHCP is on a DC, it will not overwrite the original host record for a machine getting a new lease with an IP formerly belonging to another.To overcome this, add the DHCP server (the DC) to the Dns Proxy Update group.Today I demoted and removed DNS from the 12 server, and my client machines started giving me grief.They are Windows 7 64bit SP1, and it seems they were still set to 12 and 11, despite DHCP being set to 69 and 80 for around a week.

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