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He suddenly opened his mouth and started to shove his tongue into mine.

One piece of clothing goes bye-bye,” Lexi said with a smug grin.

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I hooked the hem of my skirt under my thumb and closed my eyes. Every moan Megan let out seemed to radiate through my tit. He was poking the entrance, teasing my sopping wet cunt.

It was easy with her underwear on the other side of the room. He was gone from my pussy for a moment before I felt the tip of his penis at my entry.

I looked around at the circle of five other people. I remember some of us were a little bored at this party my friend Megan was throwing, and someone said spin the bottle, and someone else said truth or dare. Spin the bottle and whoever it lands on picks truth or dare and the group decides. Nice brown hair, a 36 B cup, Blue eyes, she was (at best guess) about 125 pounds. Now this was the summer and none of us were wearing many clothes.

But certain people were starting to get very drunk, so the challenges were getting a little crazy. With her short red dress, I thought she might be going to the bar after this. Some guy I didn’t remember the name of said “kiss a girl”. They know how to treat a man.” Jacob seemed to gag at that. “I Dare you, to show us your dick and leave it out.” Mark was so hammered, I think he’d let us make him fuck a vacuum.

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