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Prompt them to change passwords regularly, and willingly play the heavy later ("My parents made me change my password"). Teens often feel invincible and eager to explore the adult world.

Encourage them to call a "Facebook truce" with their friends and to keep passwords secret.

It’s normal to put down verbally any guy who flirts with your girlfriend and then restrict her contact with him. Writing violence off as growing pains – “Of course my daughter is in her room crying again! And that’s bad news considering, according to Love Is Respect, “the severity of intimate partner violence is often greater in cases where the pattern of abuse was established in adolescence.” This isn’t just kids being kids.

” “Of course couples push each other against the walls in the hallways between classes! This is people who are coming of age accepting abuse as normal, paving the way for a lifetime of danger.

Let me repeat that: One-third of teenagers in dating relationships are being abused by their partners. And that’s a lot considering that over 70% of teenagers are dating.

Abusive behaviors – like guilt-tripping and limiting outside involvement with other people – are often justified using “jealousy” as an excuse, and possessive discourse runs rampant as a sign of affection.

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