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The manuscript of this letter is held in the Sarah Orne Jewett Papers, Maine Women Writer's Collection, University of New England, Houghton Autograph File to S. Transcription by Linda Heller; annotation by Terry Heller, Coe College. -- I shall go back to town in a day or two and shall hope to see you before long.

I have had a busy winter and this is the second time I have been at home since I saw you early in January. Dear Dr Holmes The necessity of making a special effort to awaken the interest of the public in the Longfellow Memorial* has led certain members of the Cambridge Committee to suggest that an Authors' Reading be given in Boston on the 31st of March: each author to read a selection from his own work.

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There is, however, nothing obvious in this piece to associate it with her recent enjoyment of the winter beauty of Jackson, NH. 129) reports that Whittier wrote a letter "urging that a vigorous effort be made to complete the subscription" for the Longfellow Memorial Association, which at that date had raised about thousand toward the proposed memorial.

Nor is there any other piece, fiction or non-fiction, Jewett is known to have published between spring 1887 and December 1888 that describes a winter in the mountains. "A Christmas Guest" had just appeared in Wide Awake (-101), January 1887, at which time the Pratts were editors. Whether the letter Jewett forwards appeared in the Transcript has not yet been discovered. * "Rather than bread let understanding concerning God be renewed to you day by day." Notes Epictetus ...

The manuscript of this letter is in the collection of the Miller Library of Colby College, Waterville, ME. programme: Almost certainly, this letter concerns the authors' reading to raise money for a Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Memorial, which took place 31 March 1887. Notes by Terry Heller, Coe College Sarah Wyman Whitman to SOJ March 5, 1887. "Rather than bread let understanding concerning God be renewed to you day by day": Epictetus (35-135) was a Greek Stoic philosopher.

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