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Baird produced the drawings at home, laid out on the floor in her children’s bedrooms; this further grounds the domestic imagery of armchairs, sofas, children, cigarettes and wine bottles found in her images.

We were the first to coin the term “Live-GIFing.” They basically told me to try and make GIFs as fast as I could and see how it worked out.

How many times have you used a GIF to express an emotion you’re having trouble capturing in a text message or a Facebook status update?

Whether its reacting to your BFF’s latest dating tragedy (oh no, girl) or just reveling in your latest success (yaaass) – GIFs have become the fastest and easiest way to capture (and share! As someone who started his Tumblr as a way to collect all of the GIFs he was emailing to friends after the latest episode of “Real Housewives” or “Flavor of Love,” T.

360i: Of all the GIFs you’ve made, what is your absolute favorite one?

TKM: My favorite 100% original GIF I’ve created is this one.

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