Dating the book of revelation debate

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He not only mentions the reign of Domitian, but he mentions that John’s vision occurred at the end of Domitian’s reign.Hitchcock writes, “This specific dating of Revelation suggests that Irenaeus possessed special, intimate knowledge of the timing and conditions under which Revelation was written.” Third, Irenaeus lived in Smyrna, where Revelation originally circulated.Since Domitian was assassinated on September 18, AD 96, this would date the book of Revelation around AD 95.However, two objections have been raised against Irenaeus’ straightforward assertion: Some Preterists argue that Irenaeus’ statement is not that clear.In his work Roman History, Dio Cassius confirms the fact that Domitian was in the practice of banishing prisoners to islands.Hitchcock writes, “While Dio does not specifically mention John’s banishment during the reign of Domitian he does refer three times to Domitian’s practice of banishment.If Irenaeus could be wrong about so significant a fact, couldn’t he also be wrong about the date of Revelation?However, a number of counterarguments have been argued: First, this statement from Irenaeus was not a historical blunder; instead, it was a misinterpretation of Scripture.

This secular testimony solidly corroborates the ecclesiastical tradition of John’s banishment under Domitian and liberation when Domitian died.” Victorinus wrote a commentary on the book of Revelation, and his commentary is, in fact, the oldest commentary that we possess.In it, he writes, “When John said these things he was in the island of Patmos, condemned to the labor of the mines by Caesar Domitian.There, he saw the Apocalypse; and when grown old, he thought that he should at length receive his quittance by suffering, Domitian being killed, all his judgments were discharged. Rochford If the book of Revelation is a book of prophecy as it claims to be (Rev.1:1, 3, 11, 19; 22:6-10, 16, 18-20), then it would need to be written before AD 70 for the Preterist position to be true.

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