Error before updating scaffolding from new db schema aberdeen dating events

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To do this, first we create a file called table_scaffold_in our table_scaffold folder.

First we'll add our version of the Scaffold Sandbox class, as it has the method that generates each field, default_input_block: Now, we need to add our own Generator class and override it so that it uses our Sandbox.

That will, I think, depend on your database, and possibly your file system.

That's because the parameter to the scaffold command isn't actually a table name, but the name of the class that will wrap access to the database table. I thought I had a ruby version problem, but it turns out that Ubuntu ruby is not the version it thinks it is.

Table names are (by convention) the plural of whatever a row represents, class names are singular. -- Alex _______________________________________________ Rails mailing list [hidden email] scaffold, try to create a table for model products" etc... script/generate scaffold Product he runs the scaffold command, its singular Product.

Scaffold uses form.rhtml to generate the objects _form.rhtml page, so we can modify it to add in our base table tag.

Here is what the new one looks like: Now for the tougher part.

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