Gemma chan dating jack whitehall

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It was a liberating moment when I decided to apply to drama school.I studied at Drama Centre London, which was intense but I loved it.When rehearsing or filming for whatever project I’m working on finishes on Friday, usually about 7pm, I head straight to Soho to meet friends.We’ll have dinner at Rosa’s Thai or Cây Tre on Dean Street and catch up on our weeks.

After supper, I’ll learn some lines for filming the following day, and then we’ll watch a movie on the sofa with the duvet and popcorn. Hopefully I’ll feel restored by Monday morning, ready for whatever my unpredictable career choice has in store for me.

I don’t like to make too many plans for afterwards; sometimes we end up going elsewhere for drinks or dancing but it’s usually spontaneous. I live with my boyfriend, Jack Whitehall [24, the actor and comedian].

On Saturday mornings I get up late and then meet my parents and sister for dim sum in Chinatown.

When I went into character I found I could access different parts of myself.

I was lucky enough to get an agent afterwards and start working immediately. You have to learn to accept the uncertainty and unpredictability of your career.

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