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Gibbard was also asked about why he sweats so much on stage, and he offered a fairly hilarious explanation: ugh, it's really disgusting, isn't it? :) the shirts are always fine, it's the guitars that are a problem.there have been a number of shows where i sweat into the guitar and it cuts out mid-song. If you've had any remaining hope that they might reunite once again and record their long-lost second album, Gibbard has now put a nail in the coffin.Earlier today (May 1), the members of Death Cab for Cutie participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything to promote their new album When asked about the possibility of more Postal Service material, Gibbard bluntly replied, "no, we're done." There were plenty of other fun, nerdy and hyper specific questions for the band.we're gonna reach out to Guy from Fugazi and Jim Atkins from Jimmy Eat World.it's our goal to be the "wettest band in the world." gross…

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But before the song could end, and before I could catch Ben Gibbard’s fancy with my unassuming whimsy and printed vintage dress, I woke up. But Death Cab comprises well over half of my coming-of-age OST, and Ben Gibbard is unabashedly everything he was in my dream, heartthrob included.

As a side project, Gibbard collaborated with Jimmy Tamborello and Jenny Lewis by sending edited electronic tracks back and forth via mail — the U. “Such Great Heights,” however ubiquitous in commercials and crappy TV shows, is pleasant, intelligent and emphatically catchy, all rolled into one four-minute track.

The mesmeric tune, sentimentalized by Iron and Wine with an acoustic cover, occasionally creeps into the most unforeseen moments of my life and before I even recognize it, I’ll already be humming the melody.

When I began taking guitar lessons, I told my instructor Brian, a failed musician in the local Pittsburgh scene, that I absolutely needed to learn it.

Little did he know what I truly wanted was to be serenaded by it.

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