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I abuse my rock hard cock with your outrage.[R95] you clearly do not work in the industry. Why is it so important to you for Richard Armitage to be straight? In the meantime, try to get to term with it, I don't want you to commit something foolish in the unlikely (but is it? Richard Armitage was straight as a straight man can be but he had a misfortune to meet Lee Pace in all his beauty and he declared himself gay, right there and then, like that gaylord diver did a few days ago: "I'm a gay man now! That old ass Ian heard that and since he is nothing but an old jealous fart, he decided to name them and shame them, because if he can't be happy, why would they?

Also, that other dude Luke Evans, when he heard that Lee decided to be with Richard and not with him, said he would never be gay again since he can't have Lee so he declared himself straight forever.

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The bearding is back and the fraus are too stupid to get it. Also R21 of course they post pictures and gifs everywhere of the kiss with the woman in the play, but nothing gay related. Bee Armtiage with her beautiful cock hanging between her legs! Bee Armitage about to get her gorgeous dick sucked!Lee and Richard are both quiet and gentle I think they're really well matched, especially when you read their IMDB trivia. Queerty is run by the dumbest people on the planet.

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