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But when I saw her the next night at Stefanino's Joi was with Norman Bare..." Harrison Carroll's back to her: "Only a few weeks ago Joi Lansing told me that she had definitely decided to get the divorce from husband Stan Todd. She is survived by her husband, Stan Todd of Los Angeles; her parents, Mr. Carlton Wasmansdorff of Santa Paula; and a brother, Larry Loveland of Canoga Park, California. is buried at Santa Paula Cemetery, Plot 444, Section N. Joi had not seen Sinatra in years, but he sends flowers.

But she and Stan acted lovey-dovey at Stefanino's..." she and Rachel are off to New York, where they stay for a year, first at a South Central Park hotel, then at Parc V, an apartment building owned by Joi's friend Herbie Palestine. Her brother and Bob Slatzer, her director in Bigfoot, are pallbearers.

she and Western sales manager for Columbia Pictures Jerome "Jerry" Safron elope on a plane for Acapulco / Juarez, Mexico, to be married. Her mother, Virginia Loveland Gray, says that the couple told her that they planned a brief honeymoon in Mexico before returning to Hollywood. Safron was married at least three times before, among his wives actress and bathing contest winner Nancy Cornelius, with whom he had twins, Nancy Katherine and Patricia Ann.

The same night, Fuller is night-clubbing with fellow actress Jody Lawrance but asks several friends to check on Joy's soiree.

files for divorce from Safron in Los Angeles Superior Court after a 4-month-marriage.

She charges extreme cruelty and asks 5 per month alimony, estimating her husband's fortune in excess of 0,000.

Joi guests on Dave Garroway's TV show, filmed in Boston. Slatzer received death threats because of his book about Marilyn Monroe, so the FBI and other police are there guarding him.

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