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When starting NBA 2k16, you will most likely get the most updated roster.

However, there are times when the game doesn’t automatically update, which results in the user manually updating it.

This update includes the highly anticipated addition of Jason Heyward to the Braves as well as other players who have had debuted in the majors so far this season.

For those of you who don’t have a online-connected PS3 you can download the file directly from here, unpack, and then transfer the folder to the console.

I did this because those players shouldn't be on those teams, and by making them SR(RS) if you start a dynasty, they will have no affect down the road, as they graduate before you recruit.

Of course, they will be replace once we get around to it. It doesn't matter how trivial the suggestion sounds, it will be considered and likely used.

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Mods, it would be great if we could get this stickied. Here is the file: 10-09-07 Update There is not much difference between this file and the first file posted. Akron Alabama Arizona Arizona State Arkansas Auburn Baylor Colorado Iowa Iowa State Kansas Kansas State (make sure to run the 3-4) Miami Michigan Missouri Nebraska - Thanks to Corn Hawk for the awesome help!

After pressing this, you are going to want to save it. Now everyone in NBA 2K16 will be corresponding to their actual team and stats just like the real NBA league.

ESPN NFL 2K5 can be updated to the today's season rosters. As the NFL season approaches and the new Madden NFL games hit the shelves there are gamers who prefer the signature ESPN NFL 2K5.

This is a PS2 roster update using cdj's roster file. So far we have: Akron Alabama Arizona Arizona State Arkansas Auburn Baylor Colorado Iowa State Kansas Kansas State (make sure to run the 3-4) Miami Missouri Nebraska Oklahoma Oklahoma State SMU Texas Texas A&M Texas Tech There are countless other teams that have been worked on but they are mostly just individual players. Some of these teams will have Impact Players changed too, usually only when necessary (PI is off the team or injured or a completely undeserving with another legit IP.) More teams will be overhauled as the season goes on, eventually and hopefully knocking them all out. Most teams have on average 5 created players (either replacements or CAPs) some teams, like Baylor have 13.

He made a great base file and padman, geigerm, and I have been updating it. I've seen other threads with roster updates and people have problems with players being the wrong name. Equipment/Appearances were altered using team photo galleries.

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