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Therefore, looks become extremely important throughout the online dating scene.A specific profile picture could immediately increase or decrease a person's chances of finding his ideal mate.And I think because of that, that's why we're seeing so much innovation in this industry right now, with new sites and apps, and new ways for people to meet using technology. This evolving technology may be easy to understand for those who grew up in the millennial age.People in their 20s, who are familiar with the fast paced digital scene, are not fazed by the idea of hooking up online."I mean, we are so much more than this first impression that we're giving in our profile, but it also means that people are going to be making snap judgments about you, which could kind of be hard for your heart to take too," Davis said.Although, some say that approaching someone behind a computer screen does have its benefits. He claims that getting rejected online can be much easier than getting rejected in person.When Whim launched two years ago, it was based on a straightforward idea: What if a dating app was focused on enabling real dates, rather than chatting?Of course, plenty of actual dates happen as a result of Tinder and its imitators, but it can take a lot of awkward messaging to get there. Founder and CEO Eve Peters said the idea appealed to users, but there was one problem: Whim also asked you to identify the days in a given week when you’d be free for dates. “With our culture becoming more and more spontaneous, asking what nights are you free for dates this week …

In addition, users get penalized for flaking out, and they’re eventually removed if they keep doing it.Whim, meanwhile, will continue to exist for now, though Peters said she aims to transition everyone over to Tonight.As for why she’s launching a new app in the first place, rather than just redesigning the existing one, she said, “We went back-and-forth but ultimately decided to rebrand."It feels like shopping," Bryan Scotland, 26, said."Basically you browse through pictures, and at least for me, you look at people's profile pictures, or at least the first picture, and you say I think she's cute, and then you click on it." When browsing for a potential mate online, pictures are often the first thing that persuades a person to click on a profile.

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