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The real psychopath–a person who is domineering, deceptive, manipulative and cold–reveals itself more and more over time. At first, to lure you and gain your trust you see a lot of carrot. It means coming to terms with the fact that the past was an illusion.The more control they gain over you, the more they no longer feel the need to reward your “good” behavior (i.e., complying to their will) and resort to giving you the stick (all sorts of punishments, ranging from threats, to cheating, to criticism, to periods of abandonment or emotional withdrawal followed by reconciliations, to physical violence). It means accepting that even the good memories are lies.Episode 2 of VH1’s Dating Naked found three more men looking for love in the buff.Steven was up first, as the male contestant with a choice to make after going on three naked dates.Almost every expert or victim who writes about psychopaths mentions their Jekyll and Hyde personalities. The Hyde side reveals itself when you discover what he’s been doing behind your back.

While the series does blur out any frontal nudity, Joe’s butt is on display for most of the hour, throughout all three of his dates.His female counterpart for the episode, Taryn, has her date with Steven and then quickly moves on to the long-haired Dar, and later welcomes her third date on the island, Andrew.In the end, Steven & Taryn do not choose each other and Taryn decides to test the romantic waters with Andrew. VH1’s new reality dating series finds it’s niche in the very title, Dating Naked.To be clear: a psychopath is not, in fact, a Jekyll and Hyde personality. With a complete straight face, he can say one thing and do another, do something and say the opposite, or say and do the opposite of what he did last week.These dichotomies produce serious distress in the women because of the chronic instability in the relationship.

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