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In 2001, Wales launched Wikipedia, a website where thousands of community members could contribute, edit, and monitor content on just about anything.Today, the non-profit has stayed true to its open source roots and is the fifth most visited website in the world.A 1991 conversation at a Mexican restaurant led Kate & Andy Spade to ask, "What's missing in designer handbags?

Today, Dell has sold more than 650 million computers. — a water-tight bag for soaking soiled baby clothes before they stain.

PLUS for our postscript "How You Built That," an update on The Cut Buddy, a stencil device that helps you cut your own hair.

(Original broadcast date: December 19, 2016)Before it became fashionable to start a tech company in your dorm room, Michael Dell did exactly that.

Melissa and Doug Bernstein's first success was a wooden 'fuzzy puzzle' of farm animals.

Today, Melissa & Doug makes over 2,000 kinds of toys and serves as an antidote to the rise of digital toys.

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