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My oldest has the red beard and mustache and my daughter has the freckles, but she has brown hair. I only dated one guy when in high school that had red hair.I am interested in what the next generation will have. I don't meet many red haired men, let alone natural red haired women.Even if Scotland became a sunny paradise, sunscreen exists and most skin cancer presents after childbearing age anyway, offering no barrier to reproductive propagation.(Also, I have heard little evidence that climate change will make Scotland sunnier.My husband had mid brown hair with alot of red in it and a very red beard, my son has the same red beard.

A redheaded couple was walking along the walkway on the water's edge while pushing their redheaded child in a stroller as their red-coated Irish setter accompanied them.I think that after the "big one" (no, not that big one, the nuclear bomb) all that will be left are a few****oaches, Cher, Keith Richards and us hardy redheads. I tend to shy away from red headed women to avoid any insecurities or sexual problems regarding being reminded of my mother or sister or grandma or aunts, or contemplating if I'm "really" attracted to them so looked for a replacement.The blondes will be the first to go, the stubborn brunettes will hang in there for a day or two but that's it. Real redheads are rare enough that I can have that immediate association with the red hair. People say they are getting even rarer and will be non-existent some time in the future. I think they probably don't date each other that much because they are so rare, and each red headed person will meet far more potential romantic partners who are blond, brunette, or raven haired than red headed, so it would mean the chances of them dating someone who is not a redhead far exceed the chances of them dating someone who is another redhead.I have dated one or two redheaded guys, apparently there is no law against two redheads dating, at least not that I'm aware of (I may have to check that).I do know that there is no special court house for redheads.

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