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Thailand’s headlines this week seem to have been dominated by various stories all relating to ‘Farangs Misbehaving In The Land Of Smiles’.First we had the girl who plunged her parents into serious credit card debt after a bad motorcycle accident in Phuket, then the girl denied entry after using her passport as loo roll, followed by the shocking story of the US teacher who allegedly travelled to the Kingdom in order to abuse young boys.While the intentions of the original man and his, er, friends is unknown, the meme – of people being watched at ATMs – is going viral.Linked to on Twitter as ‘an alternative guide to Bangkok for the wayward traveller’, this blog is actually just an incredibly normal, run-of-the-mill account of a few nights on Khao San with an intermediary trip to Sukhumvit.And in case you thought it was just the foreigners struggling…

But there’s always a lighter side in Bangkok – here’s the best of the news, blogs, discussions and social media stories from the week…has been nominated for the prestigious Freedom of Expression Awards 2016 in the journalism category.So without further to do, this is the first list: Now you’re probably thinking that there are tons of Thai women looking for farang mates…you’d be right. So what would you say about a white woman who prefers black men?But they’re either not normal, or most likely, have one or more traits from list #1. If you’re white, you’ll probably say she’s deviant.Pravit was arrested and interrogated in 2015 for a series of tweets criticising the government and has been an outspoken critic of the lèse majesté law.In one of the week’s more WTF stories, a Kasetsart University student has come under fire from animal rights activists for claiming on social media that a cat skeleton in the university museum is actually one he stole from a neighbour and killed for a class assignment.

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