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Indeed, just this week, in response to the publicity over his Leopardstown canoodling with Eve, Lafferty seemed somewhat upset that the relationship had been rumbled, tweeting about that awkward moment when ‘your personal life goes out into the public’.

It seems he had hitherto been successful at keeping the dalliance under wraps, for reasons best known to himself.

hunk James Lafferty is dating Eve Hewson, the daughter of U2 rock legend Bono (she was born Memphis Eve Hewson).James and Eve are arguably one of the most adorable couples to come out of the celebrity world in recent years.While James is still causing a storm as Nathan in One Tree Hill, a drama series which is currently in its eighth season, Eve can soon be seen starring alongside Sean Penn and Frances Mc Dormand in crime thriller This Must Be The Place.It’s no wonder the One Tree Hill star, who is six years her senior, managed to schmooze his way into the bosom of the Hewson family – and into their private box at Leopardstown this week.For even those he has crossed in love hardly have a bad word to say about him.

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