Updating magellan roadmate 1200

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Modern day GPS devices are essentially miniature computers.

Many have a compact version of Windows, called Windows CE, installed, and the GPS software runs over top of it.

It can check for map updates and for software updates for the GPS device itself.

Despite the advanced capabilities of modern smartphones, GPS devices are still widely used in cars.

Unfortunately, their limited functionality makes it difficult to manage information or to keep the devices up to date, but in many cases, the manufacturers roll out special software for this purpose.

Before you do the following, make a folder on your PC and copy EVERYTHING in the Magellan drive (when you plug your GPS to your computer) into this folder.

That way, you have a backup if anything goes wrong. Simply make sure it is plugged into your USB port, move the switch to reset, wait a couple seconds, and turn it back on.

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