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As you progress in the tutorial, you are presented with different tools and techniques that help you gain a deep understanding of the implementation and identify inefficient operations that are commonly encountered in a typical J2EE application.Although the Java Profiler is integrated in Rational Application Developer, you might need to configure it before you can use it.When working on a development database, keep in mind that the statistics need to be up-to-date, or the optimizer does not choose an optimal execution plan.Most database products now include automatic statistics collection. Complete the following steps to use the sqltrace.accumulated view to identify untuned statements: You have solved an important problem with the category page.

A common problem with technologies like this (that abstract the data layer) is that you lose visibility into what is being done in the database.All SQL operations are expensive (Figure 8) so avoid them when possible.View image at full size SQL tracing identifies untuned statements, which can severely impact performance and introduce functional problems, such as deadlocks and timeouts.In this tutorial, you will troubleshoot a typical performance situation in a sample Web store.It has been reported that the category display page is performing slowly, and even though the page is cached, the first-time execution cost exceeds the non-functional requirements (NFRs).

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