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It also should be stated whether the actual proclamation is the first, second, or third, and whether there will be a dispensation from further publications.The priest adds that a serious obligation rests on everyone to reveal to him any known impediment to the proposed marriage.In course of time this Tridentine decree has given occasion to more specific interpretation, regularly and primarily applicable where the decree has been promulgated.Among the more important authentic decisions are the following: The proper (own) parish priest of persons intending marriage is he in whose parish both (or one of) the contracting parties have a true domicile or quasi-domicile, i.e.

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From the beginning of Christian society the marriage of its members was looked on as a public religious act, subject to ecclesiastical control ( Tertullian, "De monog.", c. and ceased only when, in the fifth and succeeding centuries, owning to the development of the parochial system, it became the duty of the parish priest to prevent invalid or illicit marriages, in which duty he could and did avail himself of the aid of reputable parishoners (Capitula Caroli imp., ad. The First Plenary Council of Baltimore (1852) decreed (no.88) that after Easter 1853 the banns should be published, and dispensation given for only very grave reasons.The banns of minors must also be published in the place of residence or their parents or guardians. Custom has in many places exempted Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost. The banns are published regularly at the parish or principal Mass, though the publication may occur at any other Mass on the prescribed days, nor is it required that such publication be repeated at more than one Mass on the aforesaid days.The law of quasi-domicile is also frequently to servants, apprentices, soldiers and students in institutions of learning. It is also customary in some places to proclaim the banns on suppressed feast days, also at Vespers, provided there be on such occasions a considerable attendance of people in the church (S. By a rescript of the Congregation of Propaganda the Vicars Apostolic of India were permitted to publish the banns on weekdays.But it may happen that one party resides, or that both parties have each more than one domicile or quasi-domicile, in which case the publication of the banns should occur, regularly speaking, in every parish where at the time of the marriage the parties retain such domicile or quasi-domicile. A decree of the same congregation (9 November, 1898) provides that anywhere a mere residence of six months shall constitute a quasi-domicile. In Germany and Austria this is also customary in some places (Heiner).(SEE DOMICILE, PARISH PRIEST, MARRIAGE.) It may be noted here that while in general a quasi-domicile is acquired by actual residence in a place with the intention of remaining there the greater part of the year, in England and in the United States the law presumes a quasi-domicile from one's months residence of either party in the place of the marriage. In the case of unsettled persons possessed of no domicile ( vagi ) the banns are published (with episcopal permission) where the marriage takes place, and in the place or places of their birth. The three consecutive Holy Days ( dies festivi ) may be Sundays or other feast of obligation.

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