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I asked questions about my conditions and an internal medicine specialist got back to me within a couple of hours. Deepu Sebin Sebastian for taking the time to listen to my symptoms and provide amazing feedback.I know I will use this site again for future questions about my conditions. Dr Perigela provided me with pretty much the same information as a private physician who saw me this eve.I actually can't tell you how very pleased I was when I read what you had to say because, it was not just a medical answer but you included practical suggestions as well and that is exactly what my own personal physician would do. Kumar making themselves available for consultations with people like me they don't know and can't examine personally.In fact, I was very pleased that you did not shy away from my question as did the nurse on the Enbrel hotline I called initially. I am an employee benefits insurance broker and I will feel confident recommending your services. I don't like discussing my medical problems with friends or family but when I am going through a medical crisis like my present one I appreciate someone knowledgeable about my medical issues to talk with other than my own doctor.It gives me peace of mind to know that I can send a message to a real doctor and get answers without having to take my child to the doctor to wait in a germ-filled waiting room for minor conditions. We haven't solved the problem by achieving a diagnosis due to the complex nature of the case but I am extremely thankful to Dr Saptharishi for the professional guidance he provided me on my way to continue seeking answers with local physicians. Mahajan to my specific questions and would surely consult him again in the future. Pathak, as well as Doctor Spring was very helpful in providing sensible information about given situation health situations. I should know better than to believe what people say just to upset you!I would highly appreciate if it is possible to upload MULTIPLE reports accompanying a follow-up query. Rajiv Goel has been very patient with all my queries and he responded very promptly giving me all possible information. I think this is a wonderful option for those who do not have insurance, or perhaps someone who has a non-threatening condition that needs some answers but cannot go see the doctor. I just decided to go to you who I trust for an opinion! The second-opinion & my chat with online Doctors at Doctor Spring was very detailed and easy to understand.This was such a fair price for inquiring to a specialist.

Ask a Doctor online when you have Medical questions, you are unsure about An emergency, Your reports & scans, Your Diagnosis, Treatment.

You can also choose to consult a specialist Doctor.

We believe it should not take days to consult a Doctor.

Though the treating hospital & expert neurologist are good and renowned, I got more confidence in the treatment they were giving only after 2nd opinion by Dr. Thanks There are sites that offer a doctor and you come away feeling you went to a discount store to ask someone who is thinking of going to medical school what he or she thinks. Pandy was very clear in what he was saying and why.

It is something I can take to a doctor and feel confident in expressing concern for the need for certain tests.

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    The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that office-based anesthesia or deep sedation be administered by a trained, credentialed pediatric dentist, a dental or medical anesthesiologist, a registered nurse anesthesiologist or anesthesia assistant. An anesthesia professional is recommended for monitoring children under heavy sedation.

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