Lonely grandma dating

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Don't worry about being out of your depth when you date someone older than you.

They are still 'finding' themselves, and finding their place in the world.It's vital that you walk the walk, as women over 50 tend to be quite sure of themselves.It's a natural thing in life, if people have lived longer they have had more chances to gain knowledge and experience.Dear pretty girl with the awkward smile, They told me not to write a poem about love, Because everyone writes a poem about love, But if everyone is telling everyone not to write about love, Then there’ll be no poems about love, So I wrote a poem about love. Not in a bad way though, Awkward in the way that it can be awkward to accept a really flattering compliment from a close friend, Or to ask someone on a date when you’ve already known for a long time they were going to say yes, And you know that they know that you know this.Dear pretty girl with the awkward smile, I hope you’re reading this at home, See, my plan is, I’m going to try to slip this into your purse as I’m getting off at my stop, Which is coming up, So I should write quickly, Given how engrossed you are in your copy of the Communist Manifesto, I don’t think you’ll notice immediately, which is probably a good thing. I mean, imagine you actually saw a baby, Flying, Shooting arrows at people, How would you react to that? Anyways, I hope this isn’t creeping you out, I don’t know why I’m rambling on about love, Trying to impress you with how sensitive and introspective I am, When all I really wanted to do, Was drop a little note in your purse, And let you know that I saw you with your glasses, And your Communist Manifesto, And your funny little smile, And I think you’re beautiful. It’s awkward in that chocolate all over your fingers way, Where it gets everywhere, And messes everything up, But at the end of the day Is still some extremely delicious chocolate on your fingers. The thing is, I can’t decide if I actually meant it for real, Or if I was just trying to impress you again, This time with how witty I am. You’re just this random girl on the metro, Who I’m never going to talk to, I probably won’t even give this to you, I mean, what’s the point? ” I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to go off on you like that. Dear pretty girl with the awkward smile, Let me tell you what I think about love, I think we are told to find that one single person, That person who is our all, Our everything, Our favorite movie, Our favorite sunset, Our favorite book, And our favorite breakfast conversation.

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