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The bottom video is of you, the top video is of the “stranger.” You can talk by typing on the right side of the screen.If you find your “stranger” boring, inappropriate, naked, or just don’t like the cut of his gib, you simply click the button marked “next” and move to the next available user(s).After some meandering small talk, the boy in the middle, the typist (therefore the leader), admitted their motivation for using the new Internet (and media) sensation, Chatroulette: “We want to see boobs, but with, like…talking.” Chances are you have at least heard of Chatroulette. On the "Daily Show," Jon Stewart demonstratedhow to use it, while mocking the media’s overreaction to the porn predictably rampant on site characterized by anonymity.Chatroulette is the creation of 17-year-old wunderkind Andrey Ternovskiy, a high school student in Moscow.Last Friday night, I found myself looking into the faces of three boys, all about 13 years old, at the top left of my computer screen.Shut away in a small, dim room somewhere in Los Angeles, they crowded together, staring expectantly at their monitor.You don’t know what the next screen has in store; it's like spinning the cylinder of a revolver during a game of Russian roulette. Except, instead of a revolver it’s the Internet, and instead of rounds it’s people, or genitals, or talking sandwiches.It should also be noted that many users have sound.

(As a video created for the showed, Chatroulette is comprised of “71% men, 15% women, 14% perverts.”) I asked the same questions of all my Chatroulette liaisons: where did they live and why were they lurking around Chatroulette?Incomplete without my alter ego Hello everyone, Im a sociable person, however due to certain circumstances dont have enough time to devote to my friends.I like meeting new people, having interesting conversations, ..The Our lives used to be private by default, yet with the advent of each new social network, privacy has become increasingly difficult to preserve.Every status update or photo we share online becomes an indelible tattoo of where we’ve been and who we’ve been with." In contrast, Chatroulette is a social site that allows you to navigate incognito.

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