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Free pussy shots at the pool table and the crowd formed quickly.

The parties would start at about 10 pm and the girls would all removed their panties Of course if any guy got to aggressive he was escorted from the bar immediately.If nothing else it sure put her in the mood when we got home. I asked Amber once who she let touch her and who she didn't.She said if the guy was too bold or direct she told him no. My wife got a strange serious look and admitted a few times the idea had crossed her mind. She lowered her head and didn't say anything more and I didn't press her. I had watched from a distance some of the things that went on.My wife wore extra short skirts when we went and said she looked forward to the fun all week long.I kind of liked knowing her bare pussy was there for other guys to check out and play with. My wife began to love the sexy way it made her feel from all the attention she got.

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