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For his part, Williams is even a Texas native, having grown up in suburban Dallas, and would likely jump at the chance to play closer to home.None of those factors is enough to vault Williams ahead of Anthony or immediate cap space as the Rockets’ offseason priority, of course.And a case can certainly be made that injuries (Williams is planning offseason ankle surgery to clean up nagging issues) and the integration of newcomers Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett into the Brooklyn offense played a role in his 2013-14 decline.We know the Rockets have long been fans of the ex-Illinois point guard, including in 2011, when Houston made a strong bid for Williams before the Jazz ultimately dealt him to Brooklyn.But that’s far from a done deal and if such a move isn’t possible, the Rockets would appear to be left with three realistic options.1.) Keep Lin on the roster and trade Asik, either for cap relief (allowing Houston to target a middle-of-the-pack free agent, not a max guy) or for a player under contract from another team.

In fact, his metrics in 2012-13 — just one year ago — were arguably his best ever in nine NBA seasons, especially on offense.The clear top priority would seem to be Carmelo Anthony, who unlike Williams, had one of the best seasons of his career in 2013-14 and still appears very much in his prime, statistically.But the catch to the pursuit of Anthony or any other top free agent this summer, including Kyle Lowry, is that the Rockets would likely have to find a way to move Asik and Lin, either through a sign-and-trade or to an outside destination for cap relief.Jackson wondered why Warriors defenders were respecting Williams' shot so much. The 12-year NBA veteran posted unimpressive averages of 1.0 point, 1.6 rebounds and 1.2 assists through five NBA Finals contests.

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