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If it’s just, you may want to reconsider.A tool like Tweet Deck (owned by Twitter) or Hoot Suite will make the difference in your Twitter usage.There are a couple of ways to go about this — you can search for people who are already tweeting or you can try to have those people come to you. (The one below helped NPR’s Sam Sanders Sam find two people for this story).For the former, check out this six-part exercise that will teach you how to find sources based on their location (via geotagged tweets) or keywords in their messages. Direct messages are a private way to do the same thing. Direct messages are a good way to get phone numbers and other details from sources when you don’t have an email address for them, although you can Every story yields way more material than you could possibly fit into the final product.

Hashtags are a way to (loosely) organize conversation around a topic. Sharing a story multiple ways like this helps you learn what works through trial and error.

By completing a couple of the varied “exercises” listed below every day, you may find that Twitter opens up to you in a way it hadn’t before.

You may also learn something, including how to build Twitter into your day-to-day workflow, follow news events, find sources, and discover new ways to report and share your stories.

It’s also a platform in its own right for unique journalism and storytelling.

If nothing else, the practice of writing short (in 140 characters or less) is great for your radio scripts, too. Before we go any further, answer this question: What are you using to tweet and follow Twitter?

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