Tired dating jerks dating a friends cousin

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I feel like I'm the kind of guy you're describing, and I've grown tired of dating too.

The girls seem to be the kind who don't want to put any work into the dating process.

My advice is to analyze the guys that you like and see if there is a pattern.

My hunch is, their mostly jerks who have many other women besides you, they lie, they are sexually aggressive with women, and are unfaithful.

You realize this will only be done as they get older and coincidentally the bad boys start wanting younger women..

Your analysis ignores the fact that many women resent having to date nice guys, and treat them poorly.

I identified with you...not finding the guy bc ur not looking...secret is "NETWORKING" if guys dun know the qualities u have and dun see u how will they consider dating you ? Please note: The suggestions and advice offered on this web site are opinions only and are not to be used in the place of professional psychological counseling or medical advice.

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I just realised that they were trouble waiting to happen and left. But I know that there are really kind mature men out there. Take the time to really think about what YOU want in a person, in a relationship, be realistic, figure out what’s acceptable and what’s a deal-breaker. Once you’ve thought it through, and I mean really thought it through, go back out there.

I always have to call, I always have to make plans.

Even when dates go well and it seems like this could go somewhere, I still have to do all the work (which makes me think the girls isn't really THAT interested).

If we're at parties or bars or clubs, we're often to the side sitting alone.

There are a lot of us, but jerks have a lot of success pushing to the front of the line so it may take a little time.

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