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We are now using flashlights in the master bedroom and battery operated analog alarm clocks.We also turned off the circuit breaker to the laundry room that is on the other side of our bedroom wall.I had not researched the ecological impact of the electrical systems installed. With your help I did a deep dive into EMF research.Your responses to my questions about EMFs were disturbing, and they may have saved my life.Here are the simple steps I took to reduce EMFs in our home and in my life overall! Now, when we need to print, we plug it in with the ethernet cable and the electric cord, plus we use another cable to connect our computers to it for printing.The first thing to go was the printer in my tiny office. We unplugged the routers in our house and instead began using ethernet cables that plug into the wall.I’ve written a great post with links to scientific research for those of you who are wondering Are Cell Phones Dangerous?Unfortunately, since I entirely neglected the electronic components in the building process, we have a long way to go. That means that every light switch and thermostat in the house may be on Wi Fi, not to mention the televisions, and much more.

I had a hunch that the EMFs in our new house might have played a part in the decline of my health. The thousands of comments I received were incredible, and your helpful input would become a key step in my new quest for healing, leading me to write about The Green House that Almost Killed Me.Additionally although our house was not visibly impacted by the historic flood that hit Boulder shortly after we moved in, I had tested it for mold.I thought our house was well constructed and ecologically sound. I made a huge mistake in the design of our new home.Yes, this sounds crazy, and for most people it may not be necessary.However, for my system to get a rest from EMFs we decided we would turn off the circuit breaker to our bedroom.

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