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Despite belonging to the richest 1 per cent of the world's population - and quite possibly of Britain's - the Union's denizens were convinced that they were victims. "These were people so weird, so exaggerated, they make PG Wodehouse characters seem like portraits in brutal realism. I began by talking about some of the estates near where I live, and how neglected they were under the Conservatives."The most persecuted minorities in this country," one Old Etonian (in school-tie, of course) proclaimed in a typical oration, "are fox-hunters and motorists."They displayed a paranoid obsession with "political correctness", a subject which dominated debates week after week. In my final year I was coaxed - against my better judgement - to speak in the big annual debate, 'This House Has No Confidence in Her Majesty's Government". To my surprise, a few braying toffs on the opposite side started muttering, "Hear, hear!The remaining knots of social privilege in Oxbridge - now thankfully a minority - need to be dealt with aggressively.The Bashir affair is more than a fleeting embarrassment: it is an indicator of how aggressively the aristocratic élite will defend its gilded nest against outsiders.

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A handful are recognising the extent to which private schools shamelessly play the system, and they are weighing the system in favour of state school students in response.It was hard not to feel a small flicker of pleasure when I read yesterday that "Britain's most prestigious debating society, the Oxford Union, is being torn apart by allegations of racism and dirty tricks." In my first term at university, I peered into the abyss that is the Cambridge Union.I have never met people before or since quite so strange and unpleasant.It matters to all of us that these initiatives work, if we are not to be perpetually governed by the children of the rich.Yet every year, all this good work is crippled by the Oxford and Cambridge Unions.

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