Updating system with update ux steps

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Example: keira1 # swinstall -s depot1:/release/1131/HPUX11i-OE-Ent. DVD Update-UX keira2 # swinstall -s depot1:/release/1131/HPUX11i-OE-Ent.DVD Update-UX keira3 # swinstall -s depot1:/release/1131/HPUX11i-OE-Ent.Mount the DVD onto the new directory as a file system.

This bundle contains the update-ux command (lowercase).

Otherwise, if you wish to have the alternate boot disk up dated, after updating the OS on the primary boot path disk, boot the virtual partitions from the alternate path boot disk and repeat the update-ux procedure.

For example, if keira2 has an alternate boot disk that is not a mirror of the primary boot disk, and you wish to update the OS on the alternate boot disk, boot keira2 from the alternate boot path using: If needed (depending upon how your n Partition’s autoboot configuration is set up), interrupt the n Partition boot process and load the v Pars Monitor.

After this is completed, you should arrive at the login: prompt for each virtual partition. Turn autoboot and autosearch settings back to their original settings that you recorded earlier above. Example: keira1 # vparmodify -p keira1 -B auto keira1 # vparmodify -p keira1 -B nosearch keira1 # vparmodify -p keira2 -B manual keira1 # vparmodify -p keira2 -B nosearch keira1 # vparmodify -p keira3 -B auto keira1 # vparmodify -p keira3 -B nosearch The virtual partitions should now be running the latest v Pars version.

To verify this, you can login to each virtual partition and use the vparstatus command with the -P option: Example: keira1# vparstatus -P Current Virtual Partition Version: A.05.01 Monitor Version: A.05.01 [Virtual Partition OS Version] Virtual Partition Name OS Version State keira1 B.11.31 Up keira2 B.11.31 Up NOTE: v Pars A.04uses only base memory; therefore, when updating to v Pars A.05from A.04.xx, all memory will be converted as base memory.

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