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The odd thing is that the large scale developments on either side of this bungalow also seem abandoned.

Though spies have told me that something is in the works for these concrete structures, at the moment, both are caught in a death waltz.

The sign has made the most progress - a good thing? This image is at the junction of a flight of stairs. Barron showed me a photo he had of its former glory. From carbon dating/IMBD search, it seems this was from 1945.This a block from the intersection of Avenue B and I-35, a block west of Broadway.Is this a case of a land owner who had no interest in selling?The legend – who suffered a debilitating stroke nearly two years ago – has been filled with wonderful surprises of late.Travis made a surprise appearance Sunday at the Academy of Country Music Awards, where he quietly stood and acknowledged the thunderous applause from the audience following Lee Brice’s introduction of him after playing a verse of Travis’ hit “Forever and Ever, Amen.” “With the awards in Dallas and celebrating 50 years, it’s something Randy and I would not miss,” Davis said in a statement to PEOPLE before the show.

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