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In a guy’s (or girl’s) mind, he is in fact the owner, operator, head coach, and talent scout of a real life football team. If you doubt this fact, you try and ask the team owner in your league that owns De Sean Jackson if he’s interested in a trade for your backup TE.

There are other reasons I’m sure a good name is important—but that isn’t what this article is here to argue.

Manchester United's Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the only new signing in there at £11.5m.

Arsenal's Alexis Sanchez (£11m) and Tottenham's Harry Kane (£11m) just edge City winger Kevin De Bruyne (£10.5m).1 Sergio Aguero (£13m)2 Zlatan Ibrahimovic (£11.5m)3= Alexis Sanchez (£11.0m)3= Harry Kane (£11.0m)5 Kevin De Bruyne (£10.5m) Scoring points is important, but making your rivals laugh themselves into a mistake can be just as crucial.

(Yes, I acknowledge there are girls that do this Fantasy Football thing as well, but they in general remain far less competitive.) The same reason that office mates compete in a Fantasy Football league is the same biological reason that the actual athletes perform in the game—the need to prove one’s self against his peers.

Some of us are more humble than others, and many of us try to better ourselves, but you can be sure when it comes to Fantasy Football, that humility is checked at the door.

The door to the mindsof our writers has been opened to you by an anomalouskey - the URL in your web browser.

Each article foundhere, like a piece of a larger puzzle, will enhance yourunderstanding of what goes on in each of our writer'sminds, what makes us tick, who we are.

Whether by chance or by intention you have just enteredinto a unique realm of knowlege.

It means the first deadline will fall at am on Saturday August 13 ahead of the curtain-raiser of the 2015-16 Premier League season when promoted Hull host champions Leicester.

Manchester City have two players in the top-five priciest players this year, with Sergio Aguero topping the list at a whopping £13million.

Much more is needed, therefore, than just having Tom Brady, Andre Johnson and Peyton Hillis on one’s roster.

Like the advertising business, you have to present yourself properly.

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