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Unlike mansion objects, in the early days, you should concentrate on quality over quantity.It's better to have one really good staff member at a given position than it is a bunch of low-star hacks.You don't have anyone else though, so you need a staff to get going.There are four types of staff you can hire: journalists, photographers, bunnies, and Playmates.You can hold as much content as you want, giving you the option of waiting to put the very best content into the magazine.Content is judged on two factors: quality and demographic appeal. Quality is literally that, how good the piece is, which affects how well it sells.

Both quality and demographic appeal are determined by the star power of the staff members involved, and whether they like the subject.North-east of the large cove in the center of the bayou is a cluster of fishing huts.Across the water (to the south) from these buildings is a single shack with a dock - here is where you'll find the playboy.Through licensing agreements, the Playboy brand appears on a wide range of consumer products in more than 180 countries, as well as retail stores and entertainment venues.For more information about Playboy Enterprises, please visit

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