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His children with Brigitte – Laurence, Sebastian and Tiphanie – are said to maintain contact, despite also being extremely close to Mr Macron.

Mrs Macron, who is now a grandmother, has never spoken about Mr Auziere, but frequently explains why she pursued her relationship with Mr Macron.'There are times in your life where you need to make vital choices,' she said in an interview with Elle magazine last year.'And for me, that was it.

That's a difficult wound to heal.'Mr Auziere was working in finance at the time, and had been enjoying a happy life with his wife and three children in Amiens.'And the banker did not procrastinate – he leaves,' the book explains, quoting an old neighbour as saying: 'He was not seen again.

It was as if he had disappeared.'The book continues: 'He took it like such a slap. I think it wasn't easy to see the children appreciating Emmanuel afterwards.'There have been next to no public sightings of Mr Auziere since that fateful day in September 1996, and it was a full ten years before their divorce was finalised.

He is said to have stormed out of the family home and was incandescent with rage over the relationship.

Emmanuel Macron also happened to be a school friend of the Auziere's daughter, Laurence, at the time.'When [Brigitte's] husband learns the truth, his reaction is violent,' writes Brun.'To be replaced by a schoolmate of his daughter, by an adolescent whom he had often received at his home?

This allowed Emmanuel and Brigitte to finally marry, following what is described in the book as a 'taboo relationship'.

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The biography also claims Emmanuel penned a racy novel inspired by their early romance.

Maëlle Brun's unauthorised biography, titled 'Brigitte Macron: L'Affranchie (The Unfettered Woman)', has hit the shelves as President Macron lands in Britain today for his first visit since moving into the Élysée Palace.

The book reveals the depth of the hostility Mrs Macron encountered after she began the relationship with her teenage pupil at the private La Providence Lycée Catholic school.

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