Dating my tv

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"Young people are good at repurposing feeds and emojis and signals to mean different things and to become social even when it's not intended to be social." Venmo has even been used to troll White House press secretary Sean Spicer.When someone uncovered an account with his name and picture, people inundated it with requests for money.Since most people already know why the money is being transferred, they instead crack jokes in the messages, including plenty of use of the eggplant emoji (code for penis).There are also a lot of drug references -- although it's doubtful all of them are jokes.Ross Lipschultz, 26, from Chicago, said his account was suspended for days after he paid a friend back for drinks and wrote the message, as some forgotten joke: "A cool night in Havana." Venmo emailed him that the reference to Cuba's capital was flagged for potentially violating US sanctions under the federal Office of Foreign Assets Control.It can be so easy to send and receive money that Sarah Vakili accidentally messed up the process.Grace Kelly, 27, an actor and writer in Manhattan, created an episode of her online sitcom "Dating My TV" with writing partner Chloe Lewis about dating and Venmo.

Some at the company worried about privacy issues, others argued that the feed would be boring.

The first version of Venmo (it stands for "Vendor Mobile," Magdon-Ismail said) was private, text-based and only for Black Berry phones.

But, as more of their friends tested it out, Magdon-Ismail would wake up every morning and see all the latest payments.

A friend bailed on hanging out with Raman Deol, saying she was sick, but then Deol noticed later that night the friend Venmo'ing someone else "thanks for the drinks" with wine glass emojis thrown in for good measure. "And I think it's extreme oversharing and toxic for our culture." All these points of tension are part of the growing pains of a new social network, Lampe said.

"A lot of concern about how these financial exchanges change social relationships," he said, "are just frictions of norms not catching up to the changes of technologies." Venmo becoming a social network comes as a surprise to Iqram Magdon-Ismail, the service's boisterous, curly-haired 33-year-old co-founder.

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