Leeteuk and taeyeon dating

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Seo Hyeon-ju (Jung Jessica) and Seo Hyeon-ji (Kim Taeyeon) are fraternal twins who are so different from each other.

Hyeon-ju is a Kpop star, classy, feminine and a talented singer and artist.

These things distinguishes families from one ano Allie (Taeyeon) and Devon (Leetuek) have been best friends since they were babies.

They have planned their whole lives together but one fateful day everything would change. Can you continue to be just the best friend even if your heart is telling you that you love him more than you should? Or will Allie be left in the shadows of their memories.

What's funny is that I used to ship Taeyeon and Junsu, they actually dated.

Used to ship Taeyeon with Leeteuk, they actually dated. Lol Her pool of available men is rather small especially in the earlier years so its no big surprise if she dated another idol.

But oh my, did Baekhyun and Chanyeol appear on the same show together??? if an idol came out as gay there would be a scandal…. y'all just really expect them to die alone if they don’t get together with the person you want them to???

and you came to this conclusion because they act a certain way on camera…Ughhhhhh then why doesn’t SM get their other artists to date women?

I honestly thought Taeyeon was the one that Leeteuk said he'd marry if she waited his 2 years of military service.Hyeon-ji on the hand is a black-belter in Taekwondo and the team captain of her schools soccer team, a tomboy, dorky, doesn’t care about appearances and all around the exact opposite of her twin sister.Struggling t Super Junior and Girls Generations' puppy love...A guy who met a girl then fall in love at the first sight and until now, he always and only loves that girl.A guy who loves a The Akanishi family looks like your typical family, with a dad, a mom and 5 kids that is, until you realize their secret…

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