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The geochemical/isotope-composition provides information on the depth (pressure, temperature) of origin)Morales, Chloé, Rogov, Mikhail, Wierzbowski, Hubert, Ershova, Victoria, Suan, Guillaume, Adatte, Thierry, Föllmi, Karl B., Tegelaar, Erik, Reichart, Gert-Jan, de Lange, Gert J., Middelburg, Jack J. Glendonites track methane seepage in Mesozoic polar seas. Eastern-Mediterranean ventilation variability during sapropel S1 formation, evaluated at two sites influenced by deep-water formation from Adriatic and Aegean Seas. M., de Lange, Gert J., Brinkhuis, Henk & Sangiorgi, Francesca ().

Provenance of surface sediments along the southeastern Adriatic coast off Italy: An overview. López-Rodríquez, C., Stadnitskaia, A., de Lange, G. Origin of lipid biomarkers in mud volcanoes from the Alboran Sea, western Mediterranean. J., Bertini, A., Camerlenghi, A., de Lange, G., Govers, R., Hilgen, F. Roveri, M., Flecker, R., Krijgsman, W., Lofi, J., Lugli, S., Manzi, V., Sierro, F. Role of bacteria in marine barite precipitation - A case study using Mediterranean seawater. Marine productivity leads organic matter preservation in sapropel S1: palynological evidence from a core east of the Nile River outflow.

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