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Not yet a teenager, he got the chance to break down game film with his brother.

“Being that big age difference, he was sort of like a second father-figure type,” dad Rodger Carr says. “I wanted to instill a work ethic that would carry him the rest of his life.

You do absolutely everything for us knowing that no fans will applaud you or interview you for it and you don't even care! I am blessed to not only be married to you but call you my best friend!Whether it was football or anything else he would pursue.It was always important to me that Derek would see me as an older brother that cared deeply for him, and that I set an example as a pro football player.” Rodger says Derek’s football aptitude was clear from the beginning. David would be finishing up watching film and Derek was in there watching with him.But behind the scenes, the restraint he was taught by his family and the church and the lessons David had tried to pass on began to slip away.There were late nights out with friends and plenty of parties.

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