Updating image to sql server using vfp

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"Change data capture" (may be not a correct term in this context), I want to update data changes to sql server from my last update process. And remember the thing about the hierarchical order of insert/updates vs deletes.

I have vfp app code but no data access classes or framework is used. Thanks Naeem I have vfp app code but no data access classes or framework is used. That's another reason two staging tables per operative table make sense. ..then use the same connection with SQLCONNECT(handle), where handle is the handle you got from SQLString Connect(constring,.

A time stamp would also allow you to see which updates where after the last snapshot, but you'd need to maintain a snapshot time stamp to compare with and the increment number already is indicating how many versions it's ahead of the sync target database.

I hope you haven't begun to change all your application code to set a flag only, you could now increment an integer field instead to have this benefit. Eg in a VFP app writing to DBFs via Tableupdate Especially since you can define Tableupdate to detect conflicts with Where Type 4 (DB_KEYANDTIMESTAMP).

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But I don't want to give any more details, in case I have misunderstood what you want to do. Since you have no flag for deleted records at least two staging tables are needed, one separate for the IDs to delete, which only needs the IDs of records due to be purged. DELETED() and a secondary staging table FOR DELETED() and finally Tableupdate(), that's also kind of a bulk insert.================= Should I post this as a new thread.As I just want to know how other vfp programmers handle different data type mappings (like logical fields, dates, varchar etc) between source and target databases. It's just a bit outdated, as you wouldn't use image field type of MSSQL and some other additional MSSQL und VFP types exist.Such a flag is like the archive attribute of files.For a backup utility doing an incremental backup this attribute is sufficient to decide this file has changed and therefore needs to be backed up.

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