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If not, the short version is "Has playing video games interfered significantly with your child's life in the areas of education (falling grades, failures, frequent absences?), health (weight gain due to inactivity or weight loss due to not eating while gaming, back pains due to prolonged sitting, increased acne?

Coaching takes place on the phone – over the course of about five calls – during approximately a six-week period.

If you are looking for more information regarding The Compassionate Friends, please contact the National Office at 877.969.0010.

Because the same questions keep coming up over and over again, and because we want help to be available instantly to anyone who comes here, I am posting this to summarize the advice that has been given to parents over the years here.

If you’d like to schedule a call back, please include times during which you are available.

Depending on individual circumstances, you may be referred to Parent Coaching during your call to our Helpline.

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