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Dating culture only really liberalized in the 1990’s.Barbara Demick’s book , which is based mostly on refugees’ accounts of their lives in North Korea during the 1990’s, reported that “the country doesn’t have a dating culture.However, the liberalization of dating culture in North Korea was probably driven by the crises of the 1990’s.From the people’s perspective, the imperatives of day-to-day life trumped any social hang-ups regarding dating or sex.After meeting with experts and other tourists to North Korea, I learned that my experience was not unique.I can report with confidence that North Koreans flirt, date, and fall in love just like everyone else.

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These were not the Nazi robots that the international media normally portrays the North Korean military as being, but real people. After all, they were schoolgirls (or I guess technically army-girls)!It is rare for anyone to date or marry outside of one’s songbun (social class based on political loyalty).Because songbun is a label belonging to an entire family, if a cousin gets into trouble then one’s songbun may drop.This may ruin any current relationships, and hamper dating prospects in the future.Furthermore, the lack of proper sex education makes sexual contact a risky proposition.

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