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Swedish crime thriller, starring Melinda Kinnaman and Kim Cattall The Swedish crime thriller concludes as the local police and the FBI act on information about Helen Tyler's whereabouts.

However, the President's daughter, Zoe, uncovers a secret that causes her to act in haste. Last in the series One of the most successful pop acts of all time, UB40 enjoyed huge success, selling over 70 million records with hits including Red Red Wine, Can't Help Falling in Love and I Got You Babe.

Gabby Logan presents coverage of the evening session on the third day of the competition, which takes place at Arena Birmingham.

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Meanwhile, Inger Johanne begins to understand the cause of the President's disappearance, and the dangerous forces that are still searching for her.

With analysis from Michael Johnson, Denise Lewis, Paula Radcliffe and Colin Jackson, and commentary by Steve Cram, Andrew Cotter and Steve Backley (subtitles) Premiere.

A female landscape designer in 17th-century France challenges boundaries of class and gender when she is chosen by King Louis XIV to create a new garden for the palace of Versailles.

In Glasgow, she finds evidence of a busy Iron Age waterway and an enormous wall built to channel the water, illustrating the complex relationship between the city and the river it was built upon.

She also discovers an oddly shaped vessel in a boat graveyard that would have been instrumental in constructing the wall (subtitles) A woman survives a car crash, and wakes up to find herself in an underground bunker, belonging to a survivalist who claims that a devastating attack has left the outside world uninhabitable.

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