Dating suntour parts

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Most members of these lists get enjoyment out of placing an unneeded part with a good home; the monetary return is secondary.

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Before you start wrenching on a bike that is not new, I strongly suggest you apply a penetrating oil, such as WD-40, Liquid Wrench or Kroil, to anything you want to unscrew without breaking.

I am not a KONA collector, so I need some help identifying the age of this frame, and whether the parts are original. The bicycle is in Canada, so details may vary from the UK version. Judging by the decals, it is probably a 1988 frame. The decals are all intact, including the TBG decal on the head tube and the Tange MTB sticker on the seat tube. The components are: Avocet saddle, XT seatpost, Suntour XCD gruppo, including brakes, brake levers, shifters, front and rear derailleurs, cranks, pedals and hubs. Rims are UKAI UM 20, and are in extremely good condition. The early early 88/89 Cinder Cones had a rear U brake rather than an Suntour XCD self energising cantilever.

The Fork matches the frame and is obviously original. Sounds more like an 89/90 to me but pretty much all original apart from the XT seatpost which has replaced a rather bland Kalloy one. you see the serial number underneath the bottom bracket shell?

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