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Not more than 100 English words can be typed without leaving the home row.

The reason for this disaster is simple: QWERTY perversely puts the most common English letters on other rows.

You might then naively expect that the QWERTY keyboard was designed so that most typing is done on the home row. Only 32 percent of strokes are on the home row; most strokes (52 percent) are on the upper row; and a full 16 percent are on the bottom row, which you should be avoiding like the plague.When you prepare to type, you rest your fingers on QWERTY’s second-from-the-bottom row, called the home row.Obviously, the more typing you can do without having to move your fingers from the home row, the faster you’ll be able to type, the fewer errors you’ll make, and the less you’ll strain your fingers.Hence we can ask, with the expectation of finding an answer, to what advantages does it owe its triumph?Studies of the consequences of keyboard design were pioneered by the industrial engineers Frank and Lillian Gilbreth, who were made famous by a biography, Cheaper by the Dozen, written by 2 of their 12 children.

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