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My English is not so good." There is also a small, esoteric group of FAs known as "feeders" or "encouragers".These are FAs who get turned on by seeing their partners' bodies expanding to morbid obesity, and to this end they spoon-feed them continuously like foie gras farmers. Before I joined Naafa, I was on a diet for three decades. Oh please God, open my eyes that I might discover a part of this lady (this lady whom Thou hast created) that isn't horrible.It's an annual summer anodyne to palliate the abuse and discrimination they suffer the rest of the year.One hundred and sixty Naafans have checked in on this, the first day. Studying my programme after signing in at the welcome desk, I see that there are going to be lunches, pool parties, workshops, fashion shows, lunches, pool aerobic classes, room parties, lunches, a talent night, a fancy-dress party, an awards lunch, and on Saturday night, a grand dinner and ball.

"FAs are always in demand at Naafa conventions," says Grace, looking me up and down, "because given the choice most fat women will always prefer a thin man. As most fat women are deeply ashamed of their bodies, even the most ardent FA will have difficulty convincing his super-size lady that he finds her rolls of fat sexually attractive, and that he isn't some kind of a nut. Unless you are prepared to starve yourself all your life, once you get on the diet treadmill you are going to put weight on instead of lose it. The US diet industry is just a - billion-a-year scam. "Which workshop are you going to go to this afternoon? "Er, I think I'll try the Self-Esteem one." "Nice choice," says Grace. I'm a fat admirer from Devon, England and I've been a bit depressed lately." I've got to say I'm a fat admirer because what else is a thin man doing at a fat convention? "Just because we're fat don't mean we don't like it any more! Here is an FA advertising for a partner: "German man, 38, 6', 190 lbs, looking for a very fat woman, minimum 600 lbs and 100-inch hips or more, 5'5" to 6'4".Financially secure and willing to relocate for you.I query this with Grace, a super-size lady from Texas. Of Naafa's 4,000 members, 1,400 are men, and of these approximately half are dedicated FAs. They hold their own meetings under the Naafa umbrella, and there are special interest magazines available to them, like Plumpers (a soft-core porn mag featuring obese women ) and Dimensions ( a glossy contact magazine) catering exclusively for their needs.She looks about 42, but there again all fat people look about 42. if I catch you at one of the pool parties, I'll prove it too." Grace tells me that Naafa conventions are renowned as the place for fat ladies to let their hair down, and maybe have sex with one of the FAs. The latest edition of Dimensions is included in my welcome pack.

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