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These were built also as hill forts depending on the local terrain, or indeed promontory forts.

Dún Aengus on the Aran Islands one of the best examples of these forts, which may have been occupied at various times, even in the mediaeval era.

These consist of an earthen embankment around a central enclosure, sometimes sited on a raised mound.

In some cases a souterrain (tunnel) forms part of the structure.

Eventually some Vikings settled permanently in Ireland, and the main cities were established by the Vikings.

Although no buildings from that era are now intact, some street arrangements have their origins in the original Viking layouts.

Such tombs consisted of a long chamber, with a large open area (or court) at the entrance.

This "court" was generally marked out with standing stones, with the rest of the structure also built in stone.

In the early 18th century classical Palladian architecture swept through Ireland, the driving force behind this new fashion was the Irish architect Edward Lovett Pearce.

The castle at Cahir is also a particularly well-preserved example. Most common was the Romanesque style, as seen at Cormac's Chapel on the Rock of Cashel, and at Clonfert Cathedral in Galway.

Many fine churches in Ireland were also built during this time, such as St. It was the Normans who brought the Gothic style to Ireland, with such buildings as Christ Church and St. Some of Ireland's main cities were built up and fortified before and during the mediaeval period.

Other notable passage graves are Knowth and Dowth, also in the Boyne Valley near Drogheda.

From some time beginning around the Iron Age, Ireland has thousands of ring forts, or "raths".

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