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When it comes to programs for making a video call, most people automatically turn to Skype as the go-to solution.

Launched in 2003, Skype is now the world’s foremost online video conference application.

In addition, the majority of these Skype alternatives can be used free of charge, and some even boast more features and data protection measures than the market leader itself.

But which of these applications are really worthwhile?

Furthermore, thanks to desktop sharing (also known as screen sharing), it’s possible to mirror the display so that Skype users can view another screen remotely.

One major advantage of this function is that the messages can be edited or deleted after they’ve been sent.

It’s also possible to set up video calls between up to 12 accounts.

The use of ‘superclear’ technology ensures that the provider can offer picture and sound of an excellent quality.

With ‘Skype for Web’, the application can also be used from a browser as a web app.

Users can’t know for certain who (besides those involved in the conversation) has access to the contents of their call or messages.

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