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The first two things any match will notice about your profile are your username, your dating headline and your profile picture (but not necessarily in that order).Your online dating username, also known as your handle, is how you identify yourself online.Which is kinda depressing when you're me, and you work from home, and you're a workaholic, and Could it be that my problem is my picture?I wondered this when I saw that Ok Cupid had crunched some data about the biggest myths of online profile pictures.The dating site I've been using, Ok Cupid, has been letting me down lately.I haven't heard from anyone terribly interesting in a long time.I reviewed the myths and came up with six tips for choosing the best profile pic. (Funny how the gender stereotypes get reversed here.

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Similarly, women should strive to create a profile username that is fun and flirtacious.Lastly, where the basics are concerned, focus on showing off your best self via your profile picture.Yes, it’s true: a picture is worth a thousand words.This apparently had nothing to do with the amount of cleavage shown, as Ok Cupid took out all the major-cleave shots. Possibly just that women look best from that angle.than those who didn't — and as women age, this effect increased. 4: It's never going to work against you to show some dé-coll-e-however-you-spell-it..the older you get, the more it will help to elevate you above the masses.

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