Ms word without updating global template

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When you write a macro, you can bundle up a collection of commands and instruct Word to start them with only one click or one keystroke.This article assumes that you are a skilled user of Word.Word lets you save macros in two Word file types: a Word Macro-Enabled Document file (.docm) and a Word Macro-Enabled Template file (.dotm).It is not a recommended practice to store macros in a document.

In this article What is a Macro, Why Would I Want One, and How Can I Create One?Open the VBE by using any one of the following methods: Finally, you will see that the entry for your file is named Template Project.Although it is not necessary, it is recommended that you give it a more descriptive name.It also does not assume that you know anything about computer programming or software development.This article is in two parts: One purpose of macros is to enable you to perform a task with one click or one keystroke.

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